Skulls & Witches

What a better holiday than Halloween .  We wanted to share our fun costumes and face paints we did on our great friends: Alyii & Carol.  We had a blast collaborating with these beauties and made our Halloween styles look amazing. Halloween is now over but these looks were both DIY so why not shop the looks. This will be our last blog but don’t forget to keep following us at 
Meet Carol:

Get this gorgeous black sheer overlay and wear it with black shorts, denim shorts, skinny jeans or a mini skirt. 

Price: $22

Size: S


Necklace: get this combo for $20 For both or get the choker alone for $8 and statement necklace $16

Both Black on black. 

If you want the combo,  DM us on: Social Media, our Website or Email. 

Heels: perfect for sizes 7-8. Pairs great with just about any look

 Price: $12


Size: 8

Length: 8in

Meet Alyii ūüíē

Sheer top: perfect for a cool addition to your layering. 

Price: $18

Maxi Skirt: perfect for that dressy occasion but it also very edgy boho-chic.

Price: $24

Size: S

Choker: Rusted ring but in great condition other than that.  It pairs great anything rocker-glam. 



Condition: gently used

Length of choker: 12in

Metal: gold

Available all for purchase at
Now meet these 2 ladies in our scary Skull faces!! 

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Trick or Treat

What a fun Halloween month. We all think that by buying a cool leopard jacket to pair with your cat ears that jacket won’t have any use being in your closet anymore. We disagree. Animal prints are perfect for Fall.  Create a chic look by just adding dark p and a white tee to that leopard jacket and see how it turns out. We are having fun with simple pieces that help finish off the right Halloween look but also fit in your personal style.  We love black and this time of year, we wear a lot of it. Embrace the YOUU!

YOUU- (ADJ) super bad ass self.

Introducing some of our Favorite Jackets and Buttons up on Ms. Alyii

Leather jacket
Effortlessly cool, the faux leather jacket is easily a must have in anyone’s closet.The jacket is easy and light it pairs perfectly with everything from denim pants to maxi skirts.

Price: $15.00


Condition: gently used

Size: S

Shoulder 2shoulder: 16 in

Collar width: 3in

Front length: 17 in

Back length: 19in

Underarm hole: 7in

Sleeve length: 23in

Sleeve width: 4in

2 zippers

Chest width:  15in

100% poly / Line Dry/ hand wash cold 


Leopard jacket
Add some sass to your style with this leopard print jacket. Not only for Halloween this jacket is just the right of warmth  making it perfect for chillier seasons.



Condition: gently used

Size: M

Front length:15in

Back length: 22in 

Chest width: 17in

Sleeve length: 22 in

Sleeve width: 5in

Care: Line Dry



Button up with crosses:

its perfect with leggings, skinnies, mini skirts, pencil skirts and shorts. Anyone that loves crosses needs to get on top of this sale. click the link to see more pictures.

Price: $15.00


Condition: gently used

Size: M

Front length: 21in

Back length: 30in

Sleeve length: 24in

Sleeve width:6in

Back hole: 6×13 (LxW)

Button up with Silver Dots:

The metal combo on this slv/gold button up is vintage. The sheer part of the button up is the best part. You can layer a bralette, a tank, a crop top, a bodysuit or even a fitted dress.

Our darkness tones come out this month and continue onto NOV.



Condition: gently used


Front length:23in

Back length:28in

Sleeve length: 7 in

Sleeve width:4in

Chest width:16in




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Recycled & Distressed

Everything about this month makes me (Astrid) excited to show off more of what we love. Our mission and goal behind our blog is to spread awareness on how we can be more eco friendly, especially in the fashion and beauty industry. We want everyone to think green when shopping for clothes. We found this perfect little shop in the Carlsbad Village that has the cutest recycled bottles. Evr Bottle up -cycles all their bottles and gives them a second chance by, ” Combining their artistic abilities with their love for mother earth to create products that are 100% recycled and 100% handmade with love.” ¬†If you find yourself in the Village,¬† definitely check them out. We love supporting businesses that try to spread the same awareness but in their own way.


Green Bodysuit
A striking green, sleeveless scoop ,bodysuit with a snap button gusset. It has cut outs on the side, it goes perfect with denim jeans or faux leather pants for more of night time look.


Condition: Gently Used
Size: Small
Front (middle) length: 22in
Back (middle) length: 12in
Shoulder to front length:  28in long
Waist: 1in wide
Hips: 12.5in wide
Chest: 12.5 wide
Front strap down length: 7in
Sleeve length: 4in wide
Sleeve width: 4in
Shoulder cut out: 3in long
60% Polyester 32% Rayon 8% Spandex
Do not wash. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Dry clean only.



Distresses jeans
What better way to show your outfit some attitude. This rocker look is so perfect for California weather for so many reasons. The most important one is that during our Fall, tights looks super extra and perfect with them.


Condition:Gently used.
Size:26 (true to size)
Width of waist: 15in
Length of front zipper: 3in
Width of belt loops 1.5 band
Length of legs: 39in
Inseam: 31in
Knee width: 6in
Bottom width:7.5in
Back pocket length and width: 7.5in


tmp_2017092820204351470tmp_2017092820221512216.jpgCheetah Heels
Sassy and cute.  Wear these kitty heels with; jeans , skirts, dresses and shorts. They give your outfit personality.  Coming into Halloween, they are perfect.


Condition: Gently used
Size: 8
Front width: 3.5in
Heel length: 4in
Middle width: 2.5in
Back width: 2in

Link: Fishnets
One of our staple favorite for fall, you can never go wrong with fishnets in the month of October.


Condition : like new
Stains : none
80%nylon 20%spandex
Size: one size fits all
Primary Color: black
Height: 4’10- 5’9/ 100-165lbs


Rusted gold and black always look great with Fall colors. Having a western style imprinted, makes this look more vintage.


Condition: Gently used
Size: Medium
Length: 42in
Width: 1.5 wide
100% P.U.
3in long, patterns across the belt


Body suits:
Island VIbes Body Suit
floral body suit
floral body suit

We have 3 other options in bodysuits to rock.

Click each link for more info.

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Choose Happiness

What makes you happy? For me (Dayana) one of my reasons is the change in seasons, specifically the summer into fall transition. Chilly nights, warmer colors and the beginning of one my favorite holidays Halloween or should I say, ” The ancient feast called All Hallows Eve. It’s the one night a year where the spirits of the dead can return to Earth.” And yes, I’m quoting Hocus Pocus! We decided to shoot this particular look at one of my favorite happy places in the village, Choice Juicery. Their beautiful succulent wall and greenery environment really brought out the beautiful details and colors on the overall look. The different layers and fun textures is another one of my favorite/happy reason I love collaborating with Astrid, she is never one to follow the rules, she loves to mix it up, making all looks look unique and versatile.
What also makes me happy is collaborating with bad ass gals like Alyii, our model, and Lauren our make up artist. Both ladies were so much fun and a pleasure to work with. For the hair aspect of the look I went for sleek and smooth. I used a flat iron on a warm setting and finished it up with Super Skinny serum by Paul Mitchell to help tame any fly aways and give the hair a beautiful shine. For the make up, Lauren used warm maroon colors and a berry lip color that looked amazing on Alyii’s skin tone. The overall look is fun yet casual, giving it the element of surprise from either side.
Thank you so much to Choice Juicery for letting us shoot in their beautiful lawn. Make sure to check them out, they’re a superfood bar and juicery. They also have an awesome movement called #choosehapiness check it out on Instagram by searching the hashtag!

Black body suit 
This body suit exudes sexy in every way. Wear it under dresses,tops or over a bralette.


Condition: Like new
Size: Small
Middle: 14in
Waist: 14cm
Inseam: 4in
Strap: 10in
Back length: 13in long
Bra width: 4in
Middle Width: 11in
Material: 96% rayon 4% spandex
Made in Cambodia
Hand wash cold, do not bleach, iron low, dry flat

Green Skort
Half skirt, half shorts the best of both worlds. This skirts is perfect for a M/L lower bottom gal. Reach measurements for better judgement.


Condition: Like new
Size: Large
Width: 15in
Side length: 13in long
Inseam: 2in long
Back middle length: 15in
Back zipper length: 7in
Length of right flap of skirt: 14in
Length of the right asymmetrical panel: 11in
Length of the left asymmetrical panel: 14in wide


tmp_2017092819231888511tmp_2017092819273224691.jpgLong Flannel Button Up
Flannels are coming back in, don’t miss out on this flannel dress. Wear it 2 ways;¬† 1 as a cover up over another outfit, 2 as a dress fully buttoned up and belted. Have fun with it ladies, only 1 size Large.


Condition: gently used, no stains or marks
Collar to bottom length: 17in length
Width: 2in
Shoulder to neck: 5in long
Top length of sleeve: 24in
Bottom length of sleeve: 8in
Middle width: 4.5in
Underarm length: 9in
Cuffs: 5in wide
Right pocket: 4×4
Sleeves wrist to elbow tie up: 32in long
Front length: 32in long
Underarm length: 20in long
Back length: 34in long


tmp_2017092819203311113Leather Booties
Tan leather booties always make a great addition to a Fall look. Wear them casually or dressed up with tights.


Size: 8
Length: 8 in long
Condition: gently used. worn in



Metal Necklace
Bolo tie in metal. Have the gold bead up high or down low, depending on the look for  that day.


coming soon



Black Tights
Stock up on tights. You’ll need them all the way until December.¬† Don’t Forget; each look can be transformed by just adding tights.


Condition : like new
Stains : none

80%nylon 20%spandex
Size: one size fits all
Primary Color: black
Height: 4’10- 5’9/ 100-165lbs


tmp_2017092820031615939.jpgBlack Hat with gold brim
This black flat top hat is as versatile as it comes it can go from day to a night out. It has beautiful gold trim around the side making it perfect with other gold and warm details.


Condition: Like new
Size: One size fits most


Bralette not included

Thanks for previewing and remember we are always open to offers!
Pecase and love, Re-Claim Sole

Classy lady in leather

Coming into a new week with confidence. We introduce to you the pant leather overalls. Living in California, gives us an advantage with faux leather pieces because they can be worn when the weather is 70d and lower.¬† We love leather, we love coffee, and we are working ladies always on the go. This look is not only very comfortable but practical for those hard working ladies out there that don’t have the time to focus too much on putting together a decent look to wear almost all day. Go from a¬†day to night look within seconds of wardrobe adjustments.¬† We are all about embracing an all black outfit and making it look less goth more chic.


Black crop top
A fitted crop top with just the right amount of mesh on the sleeves. The material is super comfy, while we may be introducing it for fall its really versatile for all seasons.


Condition: gently used
Size: S
Back Length: 18in
Front Length: 12in
Underarm length down: 8in
Arm Length: 8.13in
Underarm Width: 8in
Middle arm width:4in
Care: machine wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Hang dry




Leather overalls
Warm nights or cool days, these leather overalls are so comfortable that they can be transitioned from day to night. Legs are very skinny but also with a lot of stretch.


Condition:Gently used, only damage is peeling on the straps
Size: Small
Lower width: 7in
Middle width: 4.5in
Top width:9.5in
Back top
Shoulder width:7in
Middle width:4.5in
Straps length from back to front:3in long
Hip width: 14in wide
Lower hip width:15in wide
Thigh width: 8in wide
Leg length: 36in long
Inseam:29in long
Back Pockets:5×5.5
Straps length from back to front: 3in long
Ankle width:4.5 wide
Knee width:6.5in wide


Statement necklace
Big but light weight is the best thing about this necklace. It lays best when its up at its highest. Laid over a flat top or over a buttoned up shirt.

Price: $12

Condition: used but great for a vintage washed down look.
Marks: rusted marks around edges
Length of necklace neckline: 9in
length of middle part of necklace: 3in
Length of chain (Left) 7in
Length of chain (right) 4in
Metal: rusted gold
Length of extension loops:  3in

tmp_2017092510134538461.jpgPointed Stilettos
Fun and flirty all in 1 shoe.  It has a mixed fabric on the body of the shoe and a smooth and shiny heel. The crackled patterned makes the shoe  such an interesting addition to any outfit that matches.

Price: $20

Condition: worn
Marks:Tarring up on top of heel
Size: 8
Length: 8in
Middle width:3.5in
Heel length:3.5in    / heel width:0.5in
Colors:Black and Gold
Back of  ankle length:4in

Pointed Stilettos
Dress up any outfit with these bad boys. They are a perfect pair with skinny jeans above ankle, tights and short- mid length dresses or skirts. This outfit is dressy solely on the heels.

Price: $30

Condition: gently used.
Marks: couple marks on metal ankle strap.
Length: 8in
Width: 3.5
Heel length: 4.5      /  heel width: .5 in
Length of pointed part from middle :5in
Ankle strap length:9in     / ankle strap width:1in
Metal:gold plated
Material: metal plated gold bars
Back of ankle length: 4in

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Coffee & Leather kind of Day


Sunday mornings are for really good coffee and really cool and unique coffee shops. A couple of Sundays ago we checked out Perks Coffee shop near CSUSM in search for just that. To say we found it is an understatement, they not only had awesome coffee but a unique interior with a rocker inspired vibe which went perfectly with the edgy leather overalls. The solid red color through out the shop made the black and white detail of the outfit really stand out. We paired the overalls with a white button up and white booties to give it more of a casual but cool look; however it could easily be transitioned into a night look by darkening the top and pairing it with some tights and pointed stilettos. Outfits that can be transitioned into night time looks is a must in the fall, especially here in California where it starts out 75 degrees in the day but later drops to 62 by night time. Yikes!
tmp_2017091707093639074-11.jpgWhite button up

Every outfit can use an essential piece like a clean white button up. The fabric is so light weight it makes it easy to tuck,tie, knot or belt.

Price : $29

Condition: like new
Stains: none
Size: M
Neckline collar: 17in wide
Collar width: 2.5inch wide
Shoulder2shoulder: 15in wide
Arm hole: 9in long
Arm length: 25 in long
Sleeve width: 6in wide
Cuff width: 4in wide
Back length: 29in long
Front length: 23in long
Pocket: 4×4
8 gold&tan button’s
1 button per arm sleeve
100% polyester
Made in Vietnam
Machine wash cold
Do not bleach, tumble dry low only;if needed.
Color : white

tmp_2017091709323451929 (1)tmp_2017091709310819491 (1)tmp_2017091709344877355 (1)Leather overalls

Be bold, be brave, be you! Who says you can’t wear leather casually. These leather overall shorts use to be pants until Astrid cut them up and created a whole new look.

: $32

Condition: gently worn
Stains: none
Size: M
Bottom of Pants :
Hip width: 16in wide / lower hips: 18.5in wide
Length: 10.5in long
Leg hole: 10.5in wide
Inner thigh length : 10in long
Pocket: 8.5in wide
Inseam: 2 in long
3 rusted silver buttons
Front top part:
Lower width: 11.5in wide/ middle width: 9.5in wide / top width: 8.5in wide
Length : 12.5in long
Back top part:
Lower width: 8in wide  middle width: 6in wide   top width : 4.5in wide
Length: 9in long
Dry clean only;please.
45% cotton 55% P.U.


tmp_2017091707064082149 (1)
Leather jacket

Leather on leather is a must for fall! Because of its natural flow placement, from the back this look could easily be passed as a one piece. Zipp it up from the front and it has beautiful placement of panels right below the collarbone.


Condition: worn but wearable
Stains : 4 spots under white panels & white light mark on shoulder
Size: M
Back length : 19.5in long / front length: 21in long
Shoulder length down: 19in
Lower zipper length down: 5.5in long
Arm hole sleeve: 4.5in long
Sleeve length: 24in long / sleeve width: 5in wide
Chest width: 18in wide
Waist width: 15in wide
Bottom flare : 16in wide
Black leather band width: 7in wide
95% polyester 5% spandex
Hand wash cold , no bleach, hang to dry.
Black on black stitching


tmp_2017091707050386219 (1)tmp_2017091707040176761 (1)tmp_2017091709370233203 (1)

White Booties

These killer white booties can be paired with several styles. They went perfectly with these fun faux leather overalls but they have also been paired with some denim shorts , army green one piece, and leather jacket while heading to a Def Leppard concert.

Condition: Gently Used
Shoe Size: 7 ( True to Size )
Color: White
Heel cut-out with metal detail
Almond Toe
Heel: 1.5 in long

Price: $40.00


Make sure to check out Perks Coffee shop in San Marcos for awesome coffee , great customers service, and rocker inspired vibes. Don’t forget to check us out every Monday for a new outfit and post!

Peace and love always, Re-Claim Sole