Skulls & Witches

What a better holiday than Halloween .  We wanted to share our fun costumes and face paints we did on our great friends: Alyii & Carol.  We had a blast collaborating with these beauties and made our Halloween styles look amazing. Halloween is now over but these looks were both DIY so why not shop the looks. This will be our last blog but don’t forget to keep following us at 
Meet Carol:

Get this gorgeous black sheer overlay and wear it with black shorts, denim shorts, skinny jeans or a mini skirt. 

Price: $22

Size: S


Necklace: get this combo for $20 For both or get the choker alone for $8 and statement necklace $16

Both Black on black. 

If you want the combo,  DM us on: Social Media, our Website or Email. 

Heels: perfect for sizes 7-8. Pairs great with just about any look

 Price: $12


Size: 8

Length: 8in

Meet Alyii 💕

Sheer top: perfect for a cool addition to your layering. 

Price: $18

Maxi Skirt: perfect for that dressy occasion but it also very edgy boho-chic.

Price: $24

Size: S

Choker: Rusted ring but in great condition other than that.  It pairs great anything rocker-glam. 



Condition: gently used

Length of choker: 12in

Metal: gold

Available all for purchase at
Now meet these 2 ladies in our scary Skull faces!! 

Thanks for stopping by.  Don’t forget Shop Gifted,Thrifted and Gently Used. We will continue our blogs on 


Author: reclaimsole

We are two artist ladies (Astrid & Dayana) trying to spread the word about recycling your clothing and everything around. We bring you ladies outfits we've thrifted, have gotten gifted or have been gently used. We focus on seasonal trends so keep up to date with our blog, weekly.

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