Trick or Treat

What a fun Halloween month. We all think that by buying a cool leopard jacket to pair with your cat ears that jacket won’t have any use being in your closet anymore. We disagree. Animal prints are perfect for Fall.  Create a chic look by just adding dark p and a white tee to that leopard jacket and see how it turns out. We are having fun with simple pieces that help finish off the right Halloween look but also fit in your personal style.  We love black and this time of year, we wear a lot of it. Embrace the YOUU!

YOUU- (ADJ) super bad ass self.

Introducing some of our Favorite Jackets and Buttons up on Ms. Alyii

Leather jacket
Effortlessly cool, the faux leather jacket is easily a must have in anyone’s closet.The jacket is easy and light it pairs perfectly with everything from denim pants to maxi skirts.

Price: $15.00


Condition: gently used

Size: S

Shoulder 2shoulder: 16 in

Collar width: 3in

Front length: 17 in

Back length: 19in

Underarm hole: 7in

Sleeve length: 23in

Sleeve width: 4in

2 zippers

Chest width:  15in

100% poly / Line Dry/ hand wash cold 


Leopard jacket
Add some sass to your style with this leopard print jacket. Not only for Halloween this jacket is just the right of warmth  making it perfect for chillier seasons.



Condition: gently used

Size: M

Front length:15in

Back length: 22in 

Chest width: 17in

Sleeve length: 22 in

Sleeve width: 5in

Care: Line Dry



Button up with crosses:

its perfect with leggings, skinnies, mini skirts, pencil skirts and shorts. Anyone that loves crosses needs to get on top of this sale. click the link to see more pictures.

Price: $15.00


Condition: gently used

Size: M

Front length: 21in

Back length: 30in

Sleeve length: 24in

Sleeve width:6in

Back hole: 6×13 (LxW)

Button up with Silver Dots:

The metal combo on this slv/gold button up is vintage. The sheer part of the button up is the best part. You can layer a bralette, a tank, a crop top, a bodysuit or even a fitted dress.

Our darkness tones come out this month and continue onto NOV.



Condition: gently used


Front length:23in

Back length:28in

Sleeve length: 7 in

Sleeve width:4in

Chest width:16in




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Author: reclaimsole

We are two artist ladies (Astrid & Dayana) trying to spread the word about recycling your clothing and everything around. We bring you ladies outfits we've thrifted, have gotten gifted or have been gently used. We focus on seasonal trends so keep up to date with our blog, weekly.

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