Recycled & Distressed

Everything about this month makes me (Astrid) excited to show off more of what we love. Our mission and goal behind our blog is to spread awareness on how we can be more eco friendly, especially in the fashion and beauty industry. We want everyone to think green when shopping for clothes. We found this perfect little shop in the Carlsbad Village that has the cutest recycled bottles. Evr Bottle up -cycles all their bottles and gives them a second chance by, ” Combining their artistic abilities with their love for mother earth to create products that are 100% recycled and 100% handmade with love.”  If you find yourself in the Village,  definitely check them out. We love supporting businesses that try to spread the same awareness but in their own way.


Green Bodysuit
A striking green, sleeveless scoop ,bodysuit with a snap button gusset. It has cut outs on the side, it goes perfect with denim jeans or faux leather pants for more of night time look.


Condition: Gently Used
Size: Small
Front (middle) length: 22in
Back (middle) length: 12in
Shoulder to front length:  28in long
Waist: 1in wide
Hips: 12.5in wide
Chest: 12.5 wide
Front strap down length: 7in
Sleeve length: 4in wide
Sleeve width: 4in
Shoulder cut out: 3in long
60% Polyester 32% Rayon 8% Spandex
Do not wash. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Dry clean only.



Distresses jeans
What better way to show your outfit some attitude. This rocker look is so perfect for California weather for so many reasons. The most important one is that during our Fall, tights looks super extra and perfect with them.


Condition:Gently used.
Size:26 (true to size)
Width of waist: 15in
Length of front zipper: 3in
Width of belt loops 1.5 band
Length of legs: 39in
Inseam: 31in
Knee width: 6in
Bottom width:7.5in
Back pocket length and width: 7.5in


tmp_2017092820204351470tmp_2017092820221512216.jpgCheetah Heels
Sassy and cute.  Wear these kitty heels with; jeans , skirts, dresses and shorts. They give your outfit personality.  Coming into Halloween, they are perfect.


Condition: Gently used
Size: 8
Front width: 3.5in
Heel length: 4in
Middle width: 2.5in
Back width: 2in

Link: Fishnets
One of our staple favorite for fall, you can never go wrong with fishnets in the month of October.


Condition : like new
Stains : none
80%nylon 20%spandex
Size: one size fits all
Primary Color: black
Height: 4’10- 5’9/ 100-165lbs


Rusted gold and black always look great with Fall colors. Having a western style imprinted, makes this look more vintage.


Condition: Gently used
Size: Medium
Length: 42in
Width: 1.5 wide
100% P.U.
3in long, patterns across the belt


Body suits:
Island VIbes Body Suit
floral body suit
floral body suit

We have 3 other options in bodysuits to rock.

Click each link for more info.

Thank you so much for reading and viewing our latest looks.
Much love and peace, Re-Claim Sole 


Author: reclaimsole

We are two artist ladies (Astrid & Dayana) trying to spread the word about recycling your clothing and everything around. We bring you ladies outfits we've thrifted, have gotten gifted or have been gently used. We focus on seasonal trends so keep up to date with our blog, weekly.

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