Classy lady in leather

Coming into a new week with confidence. We introduce to you the pant leather overalls. Living in California, gives us an advantage with faux leather pieces because they can be worn when the weather is 70d and lower.  We love leather, we love coffee, and we are working ladies always on the go. This look is not only very comfortable but practical for those hard working ladies out there that don’t have the time to focus too much on putting together a decent look to wear almost all day. Go from a day to night look within seconds of wardrobe adjustments.  We are all about embracing an all black outfit and making it look less goth more chic.


Black crop top
A fitted crop top with just the right amount of mesh on the sleeves. The material is super comfy, while we may be introducing it for fall its really versatile for all seasons.


Condition: gently used
Size: S
Back Length: 18in
Front Length: 12in
Underarm length down: 8in
Arm Length: 8.13in
Underarm Width: 8in
Middle arm width:4in
Care: machine wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Hang dry




Leather overalls
Warm nights or cool days, these leather overalls are so comfortable that they can be transitioned from day to night. Legs are very skinny but also with a lot of stretch.


Condition:Gently used, only damage is peeling on the straps
Size: Small
Lower width: 7in
Middle width: 4.5in
Top width:9.5in
Back top
Shoulder width:7in
Middle width:4.5in
Straps length from back to front:3in long
Hip width: 14in wide
Lower hip width:15in wide
Thigh width: 8in wide
Leg length: 36in long
Inseam:29in long
Back Pockets:5×5.5
Straps length from back to front: 3in long
Ankle width:4.5 wide
Knee width:6.5in wide


Statement necklace
Big but light weight is the best thing about this necklace. It lays best when its up at its highest. Laid over a flat top or over a buttoned up shirt.

Price: $12

Condition: used but great for a vintage washed down look.
Marks: rusted marks around edges
Length of necklace neckline: 9in
length of middle part of necklace: 3in
Length of chain (Left) 7in
Length of chain (right) 4in
Metal: rusted gold
Length of extension loops:  3in

tmp_2017092510134538461.jpgPointed Stilettos
Fun and flirty all in 1 shoe.  It has a mixed fabric on the body of the shoe and a smooth and shiny heel. The crackled patterned makes the shoe  such an interesting addition to any outfit that matches.

Price: $20

Condition: worn
Marks:Tarring up on top of heel
Size: 8
Length: 8in
Middle width:3.5in
Heel length:3.5in    / heel width:0.5in
Colors:Black and Gold
Back of  ankle length:4in

Pointed Stilettos
Dress up any outfit with these bad boys. They are a perfect pair with skinny jeans above ankle, tights and short- mid length dresses or skirts. This outfit is dressy solely on the heels.

Price: $30

Condition: gently used.
Marks: couple marks on metal ankle strap.
Length: 8in
Width: 3.5
Heel length: 4.5      /  heel width: .5 in
Length of pointed part from middle :5in
Ankle strap length:9in     / ankle strap width:1in
Metal:gold plated
Material: metal plated gold bars
Back of ankle length: 4in

Don’t forget you can always make us an offer. Peace and love, Re-Claim Sole.






Author: reclaimsole

We are two artist ladies (Astrid & Dayana) trying to spread the word about recycling your clothing and everything around. We bring you ladies outfits we've thrifted, have gotten gifted or have been gently used. We focus on seasonal trends so keep up to date with our blog, weekly.

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