Coffee & Leather kind of Day


Sunday mornings are for really good coffee and really cool and unique coffee shops. A couple of Sundays ago we checked out Perks Coffee shop near CSUSM in search for just that. To say we found it is an understatement, they not only had awesome coffee but a unique interior with a rocker inspired vibe which went perfectly with the edgy leather overalls. The solid red color through out the shop made the black and white detail of the outfit really stand out. We paired the overalls with a white button up and white booties to give it more of a casual but cool look; however it could easily be transitioned into a night look by darkening the top and pairing it with some tights and pointed stilettos. Outfits that can be transitioned into night time looks is a must in the fall, especially here in California where it starts out 75 degrees in the day but later drops to 62 by night time. Yikes!
tmp_2017091707093639074-11.jpgWhite button up

Every outfit can use an essential piece like a clean white button up. The fabric is so light weight it makes it easy to tuck,tie, knot or belt.

Price : $29

Condition: like new
Stains: none
Size: M
Neckline collar: 17in wide
Collar width: 2.5inch wide
Shoulder2shoulder: 15in wide
Arm hole: 9in long
Arm length: 25 in long
Sleeve width: 6in wide
Cuff width: 4in wide
Back length: 29in long
Front length: 23in long
Pocket: 4×4
8 gold&tan button’s
1 button per arm sleeve
100% polyester
Made in Vietnam
Machine wash cold
Do not bleach, tumble dry low only;if needed.
Color : white

tmp_2017091709323451929 (1)tmp_2017091709310819491 (1)tmp_2017091709344877355 (1)Leather overalls

Be bold, be brave, be you! Who says you can’t wear leather casually. These leather overall shorts use to be pants until Astrid cut them up and created a whole new look.

: $32

Condition: gently worn
Stains: none
Size: M
Bottom of Pants :
Hip width: 16in wide / lower hips: 18.5in wide
Length: 10.5in long
Leg hole: 10.5in wide
Inner thigh length : 10in long
Pocket: 8.5in wide
Inseam: 2 in long
3 rusted silver buttons
Front top part:
Lower width: 11.5in wide/ middle width: 9.5in wide / top width: 8.5in wide
Length : 12.5in long
Back top part:
Lower width: 8in wide  middle width: 6in wide   top width : 4.5in wide
Length: 9in long
Dry clean only;please.
45% cotton 55% P.U.


tmp_2017091707064082149 (1)
Leather jacket

Leather on leather is a must for fall! Because of its natural flow placement, from the back this look could easily be passed as a one piece. Zipp it up from the front and it has beautiful placement of panels right below the collarbone.


Condition: worn but wearable
Stains : 4 spots under white panels & white light mark on shoulder
Size: M
Back length : 19.5in long / front length: 21in long
Shoulder length down: 19in
Lower zipper length down: 5.5in long
Arm hole sleeve: 4.5in long
Sleeve length: 24in long / sleeve width: 5in wide
Chest width: 18in wide
Waist width: 15in wide
Bottom flare : 16in wide
Black leather band width: 7in wide
95% polyester 5% spandex
Hand wash cold , no bleach, hang to dry.
Black on black stitching


tmp_2017091707050386219 (1)tmp_2017091707040176761 (1)tmp_2017091709370233203 (1)

White Booties

These killer white booties can be paired with several styles. They went perfectly with these fun faux leather overalls but they have also been paired with some denim shorts , army green one piece, and leather jacket while heading to a Def Leppard concert.

Condition: Gently Used
Shoe Size: 7 ( True to Size )
Color: White
Heel cut-out with metal detail
Almond Toe
Heel: 1.5 in long

Price: $40.00


Make sure to check out Perks Coffee shop in San Marcos for awesome coffee , great customers service, and rocker inspired vibes. Don’t forget to check us out every Monday for a new outfit and post!

Peace and love always, Re-Claim Sole


Author: reclaimsole

We are two artist ladies (Astrid & Dayana) trying to spread the word about recycling your clothing and everything around. We bring you ladies outfits we've thrifted, have gotten gifted or have been gently used. We focus on seasonal trends so keep up to date with our blog, weekly.

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